Investing in the Future of WLHS

The WLHS Foundation is committed to ensuring that students from all backgrounds can continue to grow and develop academically and spiritually for generations to come. The WLHS Foundation carries out its mission by providing student scholarships, resources for faculty support and development and program enhancement. With your support, more young people will have a WLHS experience that will prepare them for a lifetime of making a positive difference in the world.

Barbara Goldsmith

“WLHS helps teenagers grow strong in their faith in Jesus and his Word and really prepares them for their lives as redeemed children of God.” —Barbara Goldsmith

Blair Schaper

“God has blessed each of us in different ways. I believe this is an opportunity for me to share these blessings. I'm confident that my gift will help to continue and promote the ministry of WLHS for future students.” —Blair Schaper

Yvonne Quint

“A scholarship could be the difference between a student being able to attend WLHS or not. That student will receive an excellent Christian education at a critical time in his or her life, and I can play a small part in allowing that to happen. I am thankful that our blessings from God can be used in this way.” —Yvonne Quint